Unauthorized Withdrawl

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I'll be brief. :)

This is the situation.

A person works for a hiring agency. That agency deposits money to that person's checking account for work provided.

The hiring agency mistakenly deposits money in excess of $500 to said person's checking account. Said person did work, but in calculating the amount to deposit the hiring agency made a STUPID mistake.

Making mistakes is the MO of this hiring agency.

Is it legal for hiring agency to withdrawl funds from said person's checking accout to make up for this mistake without the person's authorization?

Please note, said person has no intention of keeping money, and MIGHT tell the hiring agency sooner or later of the mistake.

Said person wishes to wait to see if hiring agency withdrawls funds without authorization so that hiring agency can be "taught a lesson".

So the question, again, is if it is legal for a hiring agency to withdrawl funds from a person's checking account without authorization even though the money was deposited partly (said person is due some of the money but not all.) in error?


When you signed permission for them to direct deposit to your account, you almost certainly also signed an authorization for them to reverse any errors. So it is completely legal for them to inform the bank and have the mistaken deposit corrected. They wouldn't be doing it "without authorization".
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