Unauthorized bank drafts

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I have been a customer of a certain unnamed cable tv company for several years. I have always paid my bill on time, so that is not an issue. My bills have been paid by their automatic bank draft. However, suddenly this cable company drafted my checking account twice within a couple of days for different amounts, $72.00 and $194.77. My monthly cable bill is only $50.00!

I questioned the customer service rep in the cable company's local office who stated she did not know what happened, but would correct my account, leaving a credit balance of $266.77. I asked for a refund, but was told the cable company does not issue refunds! These two drafts in error also resulted in $72.00 in returned item charges to my checking account. Is there anybody who can help me get a refund from this thieving company and maybe get them to either tell my bank it was their errors or pay the returned item charges? Help!
Your journey begins with a visit and an explanation of the incident to your bank.
Then, take off the automatic payment and do it manually.
This is why I control when I pay my utilities and other monthly accounts.
Don't allow a computer to act without you initiating the act.

You don't want to waste time and effort by making this into a lawsuit.
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