Unauthorised Overdraft Issue

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My issue is that a bank account which i agreed to the terms and conditions when i was 16 by signing has now decided that because i am 18 they are going to start charging me Unauthorised Overdraft fees without signing anything and without any notification sinice i have been 18. Is it true that due to me being 16 when i signed the contract that i have a case for disputing this overdraft charge because i have not agreed to the terms and conditions verbally or in writen word since i have turned 18. Is it also the case that i can argue that the terms have not been reasonably presented to me and that the charge itself of £25 is infact too much for the service which they have provided. I was wondering if i have a case for stoping this fee from being taken from my account.

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Affirm or Disaffirm!

It depends on how long it has been since you turned 18!

Contracting with a minor (or an infant) is not illegal in and of itself but it has no legal effect and it terms and conditions are not binding on him. But once the infant reaches the age of majority on his 18th birthday and becomes an adult, the law affords him a “Reasonable” amount of time within which to expressly and positively “Disaffirm” the contract.

If he does not disaffirm the contract within a reasonable time after attaining adulthood, the contract will be considered as having been “Affirmed” based on “Implied Consent” at which time he becomes bound to the contract and all its terms and conditions including any and all debts accrued to date.

So, yes you can rid yourself off these charges and any other liability that may have accrued by disaffirming the entire contract and the bank account within a reasonable amount of time from your 18th birthday, otherwise the agreement will be affirmed automatically and without notice.

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