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In the Iowa town I live in, the contracted health inspector went on my property and recommended that the city condemn my mobile home. No notification was given to me at all and I accidentally found out that it was on the council agenda the following night. I realize that the inspector can inspect my property but only after proper notification of the reasons. Can I file trespassing charges against him? He was bragging at the city council meeting that he could go on anyone's property anytime he wanted to. I don't think that is right and would like to teach him that he has to follow procedures.
Did he break open any doors or gates? Did he cross ay posted fences? Or was the property open such that anyone from the general public could access the property where he did?

If ANYONE could access it, chances are that he could, too.

Trespassing is the UNLAWFUL entry onto another's property and remaining after being told to leave. If he was not told to leave, or the property was not properly signed (pursuant to your state's laws on the subject), then he was not trespassing.

Now, you can always hire an attorney to object to the whole thing but the only thing you will do - at best - would be to delay the inevitable action by the city. But, if you have the money and know an attorney who says he can hold the hounds at bay for another 30 or 60 days, go for it.

- Carl
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