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Back in March I was issued a trespassing citation in a state park for being in an unauthorized area, the citation was for $100 which at the time I could not pay (being a student barely able to make rent). I thought I had made my situation clear to the park ranger, to whom I was very respectful towards and who in return treated me very graciously, while she was issuing all 12 of us our written citations. Upon recieving my ticket I read it thoroughly and found that according the language of the ticket I was not required to pay it. Let me explain,

One the front side of the citation there is a section B which states "If Box B is checked, you must pay amount indicated below or appear in court(see instruction on back)" and on the back there is a corresponding section that reads "IF BOX B IS CHECKED ON THE FACE OF THIS VIOLATION NOTICE YOU MUST DO ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: 1. PAY THE TOTAL COLLATERAL DUE AMOUNT SPECIFIED. OR 2. APPEAR IN COURT" with directions on how to do either following. What I came to assume though was that my box was not checked. And comparing it with those around me whose boxes definitely were checked I assumed that it was an act of kindness of the part of the officer. There were two other students with me who had similiar stories and lo' and behold unchecked Box B's. I assumed this meant I did not have to pay the citation, and the officer explained what would happen if I chose to not pay the citation.

Here is what she said would happen: I would recieve a summons in the mail 1 month later, if I ignore that a warrant would be issued for my arrest. So I chose not to pay the ticket to test my hypothesis but also so that I could plead for community service in court seeing as I couldn't possibly (and sadly so) come up with $100 for groceries let alone a ticket. I waited and nothing happened and I assumed this was because the officer felt sorry for the sob story I had told her.

So it is 6 months later and the park ranger calls me on my phone and tells me I have not handled my business regarding the citation and they have nowhere to send mail to because I moved and did not leave an address. She says to call the clerk of the court whose number she will provide me with when she CALLS RIGHT BACK. It has been five days and she has not called back. What should I do in this case? I have already tried calling the clerk of the court to ask them myself, but I can't get through.
You can't get through to the clerk? That's kind of hard to believe. Can you physically get to the court and see someone?

You were given a citation. Did the officer tell you it was just a warning? If it wasn't just a warning, what did you think the officer was giving you a citation for? Giggles?
The officer said several times that had she known before she responded to the call that there was no alcohol involved and we were just innocently enjoying the park, she wouldn't have responded the way she did - but it was too late and she could not appear soft so she had to issue the citation. These were her words. She said several things that made it seem like she regretted putting me through this situation, especially after she threatened to take me to jail for failing to have a permanent address of my drivers license because my permanent home was foreclosed on two months earlier resulting in me breaking down into tears. I honestly believed her when she said she regretted having to do this, making the scenario where she conveniently "forgot" to check the boxes in three of the twelve offenders who acted respectfully and had similiar stories seem all the more likely.

And the line has been busy for the past hour.
My question is just this:

According to the language on the citation I am led to believe I am not responsible for paying it, does this sound right?

And to maybe add to that:
The lack of follow-up that I was assured would happen has not, and this leads me to believe that it has been intentional. Does this seem possible?
So I have gotten through the clerk of court and he has told me that the ticket was never processed there, I am so confused. If the ticket was never processed does that mean that mean my hypothesis was right and that is why she never called me back with the clerks number???????? He also said there is no warrant out for my arrest, can anyone help me make sense of this?
I feel sorry for you. Sounds like you have been given the run-around. I think you should call back the park ranger and explain the situation. After that, you've done your due diligence in my book.
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