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We have a fully paid timeshare week (floating during the summer season, useable the rest of the year for a slight upgrade fee) that was purchased in Mexico 14 years ago. I friend to cancel the original purchase deposit of $1,000 the next day, but unlike the US, they said we do not have the opportunity for "buyers remorse cancellation" which has always left a bad taste in our mouths. A recent change in financial drains the last few years has resulted in about a three year backlog of annual maintenance fees and penalties. The main corporation is in CA apparently. I have just received a notice from a collection agency that we have 30 days from Nov 18th letter to settle or further actions will be taken. I am 65 years old, already have two full-time jobs to try and manage our other debts including medical treatments for my husband who has cancer. We have no remaining IRA or other holdings to dip into and no family to tap for a loan. Is there any way to just give the equity in the timeshare back (paid approx $7,500 back then for the Cabo San Lucas and sister resort timeshare) in exchange for the current collection fees and accumulated maintenance fees of about $1,850 US? We just want to get rid of the hassle and in all of those years only used one banked week from that resort in all of those years and stayed at another resort! Please advise what we should do at this point. We are already in a debt management program to lower the interest rates of our credit cards and I physically cannot work more than I already do to earn more money-- short of winning the lottery, we are doomed, also owing Uncle Sam taxes from 2012 and 2013 which we are paying on installment. Any direction would be appreciated!
Debt management programs rarely work, and most financial experts classify them as ripoffs, or cons.
I suggest you discuss your financial situation with a bankruptcy attorney.
You are the very people that bankruptcy was designed to help, hard working, honest folks, just down on your luck a bit, suffering from health issues.
A bankruptcy would make your lives much easier, and there is no shame in bankruptcy.
After all, General Motors, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, and many other large companies (and municipalities) have availed themselves of bankruptcy and obtained a fresh start.
A bankruptcy would get the debt gorilla off your back, even the time share, and allow you some respite in your senior years.
Good luck.
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