Sentencing, Plea Bargains Three charges(misdemeanors)?

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I have a couple questions that go along with this. First what happened.
I'm also a juvenile(I'm 16.)

So Friday that just passed some friends and I were hanging out on a backroad smoking marijuana. I had a little sip of alcohol, tiny amount. I saw a car coming up the street, not sure who it was(though the thought of police crossed my mind) so I left. Ran to nearest place for a drink, which was subway. When I came back, there was tons of cops. Which I came back because I was one of the people who drove there so my car was up there. They asked me my name and I told them. Was being compliment. They asked if they could search me, of course I said yes. They found nothing except my phone, wallet, and subway receipt. Said they could smell alcohol and at first said it was because of my friend and then said it was because I had one tiny sip. They then arrest me and put me in the back of the car. Later they ask me questions about if the weed was mine, my response was no. He says that's not what the others way and I still say it's not mine(because it's not). I have messages from my friend who's it was to my other friend admitting that it was his and he feels bad for saying it was mine. They also had me do a breathalyzer which showed that my B.A.C was .006, like I said, tiny sip. They asked if I saw the police lights before I took off, and I said no because they were not on when I left. I was probably a 1/2 mile away when I looked back and saw them on. They ended up charging me with possession of marijuana, obstruction of justice, and consumption by minor. My questions are:
1: Is there any chance the messages will get rid of the possession charge?
2: Will the .006 BAC make the consumption charge very minor of a charge?
3: Finally, am I looking at probation, house arrest, or jail?
Probation at best. Your parents will have to sort this out for you. This is completely out of your hands. The less you try to do the better.
So will the messages drop the possession charge?

Your parents will appear with you in court.
They should plead you not guilty.
You need to use your right to remain silent.
Your parents will hire you a lawyer, or ask the court to appoint one to represent you.
Ultimately, your lawyer, will decide (working with your parents) YOUR defense.
Bottom line, ask your parents and your lawyer what the messages might be able to prove.
In the meantime, stay away from that crowd, leave the weed alone.
Many times you'll be drug tested, so if you can't stop breaking the law, bigger trouble is in your future.
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