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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) A Wichita, Kan., bank is trying to get money back from a woman accused of making more than 50 withdrawals from an ATM that was spitting out $100 bills in place of $5s.

The Wichita Eagle reported that the Central National Bank filed a lawsuit last month in Sedgwick County District demanding that Christina Ochoa return about $11,600 plus interest.

The bank alleged that she realized the ATM wasn't working properly and calculated subsequent withdrawals to maximize how much cash was mistakenly dispensed.

The lawsuit says withdrawals stretched from Jan. 13 to Jan. 17 and were mostly made in the middle of the night.

Christy Ochoa said her daughter made that many transactions because she wanted enough $5 bills to craft a "money cake" as a gift for an acquaintance who just had a baby.

The bank also says it wants to confiscate two cars that the Ochoas bought during the time the ATM wasn't properly working.

Christy Ochoa alleged the vehicles were paid for with student loan proceeds and settlement money from a car wreck.
I wonder how the bank proves that the wrong denomination was dispensed?

I suspect others reported it, but the bank took a long time to correct it.

There is also the video, which might actually capture what the beast spits out.

I agree, the bank doesn't have a slam dunk case, unless the perp blabbed.

Usually, perps blab when they think they've gotten over.