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Biden didn't have rallies because we were/ know...having a DEADLY PANDEMIC. He put aside what would most benefit himself and his campaign to try and keep people safe. And then there's Super Spreader Trump who didn't give a fig about anyone but himself.

Had trump actually done his job as president during the pandemic he might have been reelected. But he didn't. And he wasn't.

Just in my family, both here in Nevada and back home in Massachusetts, I had a dozen+ relatives that voted for him in 2016. Not one of them voted for him in 2020.

That is possible, I am not saying that Trump won the election. I do not believe he would have won even if he flipped GA, he would have still lost PA. To say that there is no evidence of election fraud is obviously wrong since they did find examples. It wasn't enough and never was going to be enough to change this election or anyone prior to it. Ask Al Gore?

that being said you or any one else acting like everything was on the up and up in every state would be mistaken.
that being said you or any one else acting like everything was on the up and up in every state would be mistaken.

I've said it before on these boards and I'll say it again: there has always been instances of voting fraud in this country. We had much more of a problem with that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries than we have seen in recent decades, including the last election. Yes, isolated instances of voting fraud and problems were found. But even if you remove those votes it would not have been enough to change the outcome in any state. While there was isolated fraud found, there has been absolutely no good evidence to support Trump's false claims that there was wide spread systemic fraud. If Trump had that, he surely would have presented it. But he hasn't because he doesn't have that evidence. He put literally millions of dollars into the effort and had the whole of the federal government at his disposal to ferret out that fraud and even with all that he couldn't come up with that evidence. Whatever else you might say about Trump, it's very clear that he either outright lied to supporters about the election fraud or was so deluded by his election team into thinking that he won that he believed something that was not true. Either way, it's not a good look for Trump.