Visa Waiver Terrified in Customs confinement

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Good evening,
I have invited my friend from the Czech Republic to visit me here in the US. She has a Czech biometric passport and ESTA on the Visa Waiver Program. She was refused entry today at Customs in Seatac airport. She is now in a Customs confinement incommunicado and scheduled for a return flight tomorrow afternoon. Customs officers refused to tell me the reason for her entry denial or to allow communication with her. She has no intention of immigrating here, has no criminal record and as my guest will not be an economic burden to our system. She is probably terrified alone for the first time in a foreign country with very little command of our language. What can I do to help her at this time before she is sent back. I believe that Customs officials are not authorize to order expedited removal of visa waiver travelers under section 217 of INA.

Thank you for any advice on this matter
Very simply put, even a non-immigrant visa does not guarantee entry into the US, and it's the same for the Visa Waiver. There is no absolute right to enter the US unless you hold an I-551 (green card), or a US passport. It's important to remember too, that there is no appeals process and the passenger is not entitled to due process.

This material might help you understand a little more:
Sometimes people carrying small amounts of drugs or other contraband end up in this plight.
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