Taking action against an adult education center

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    I enrolled in an EMT certification program. The instructor was nothing short of negligent and disinterested. Cancelling class times, deviation from the syllabus, unable to post quizzes and tests in their online system, causing the class to take 5 sometimes up to 8 quizzes in one week to catch up by the required course end time. Now that the final is taken we can not even get a thorough and informed process on how to obtain the necessary clearance and approvals to take our State Certification test. This has been ongoing since July 2015 and I have been diligently pursing the school for information only to get incomplete information. Do I have grounds to take legal action against the school or the instructor?
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    I suggest you read your school contracts and student handbook.
    If you can legally take action, it's probably in arbitration or mediation.

    It's always best to start by talking to the school administration.

    You can also file a complaint with the licensing agency in your state.