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Suspect conflict of interest/corruption/equal protection under law

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by IStandAlone, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. IStandAlone

    IStandAlone Law Topic Starter Guest

    A judge appeared on the bench in my custody case in both my family court, and juvenile dependency court cases.

    In the first instance, the judge ordered my daughter into foster care after my ex ahowed up under the influence of meth at my daughters guardians house with a butcher knife threatening to kill herself if they supported my custody. (she abandoned her a year earlier and learned that they were supporting my case for custody. I was not a drug user or violent. I was self employed, drug testing clean, had a 4 bedroom house, food for 5 villages and a virtual backyard playground for my daughter and a live in retired grandmother to babysit that my daughter loved.. With the full support of the guardians)

    Fast forward. I was complying in full with juvenile dependency court programs i had to enter even though i was clean of any substance.

    I completed every class they admitted me into, including transitional housing, outpatient programs, the county even paid for domestic violence victims couseling for me because of the severe physical violence i experienced with my ex. At this time i was still successfully self employed, clean, had a new car, more money, more for my daughter and even a new playroom added.

    Our placement hearing was coming in 6 months. Our social worker told me, after i had been clean for 2 amd a half years, and completed everything.. (My ex was only clean a year and 4 months and hadnt completed all the classes yet) that they werr going to put my daughter in thr custody of my ex. I said what? We still have 6 months you can just say that after ive done everything youve asked and have been proving myself longer than her, and have never shown the courts i couldnt raise her properly or safely. They had documented evidence my ex abused me.. Physically.. Emotionally.. I showed up at the court house beat to a pulp. My ex was charged with assault for beating up her 14 year old sister a month after this was told to me. It never came up in court even though she was convicted of a crime.

    Needless to say, i told them i would fight it.

    Placement hearing came around and for the second time in my experience with the santa clara county custody system, my judge was not on the bench.

    The judge that was on the bench was the same judge that ruled in favor of thr county in my daughters case in the family court.

    My entire case has zero history on me and what i have done. It is volumes of her psychiatric history and diagnoses.. Issues.. Violence towards others and myself..

    It goes way beyond the conflict of interest but it is the krux of my case.
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    I'm sorry, did you have a question, or were you just looking for a place to vent? o_O
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