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Surveillance camera on my easement

Discussion in 'Other Ownership, Use & Privacy Issues' started by gpilot, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. gpilot

    gpilot Law Topic Starter New Member

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    We also are in Montana.

    This situation is eerily similar to what is occurring to us:

    Surveillance camera on my easement

    We also have a camera, four, actually, which are set up on trees, along three roadways/driveways in a moderately forested area.

    One of these is located about 20 feet on our side of our property line, pointed into our property.

    Because of the trees, the roadways offer the only clear view through the trees to monitor access to our property.

    Yes, one of the three roadways is encumbered by an easement granted in favor of "all of the property owners" of the subject parcels (as recorded on the CoS on file with the county).

    The easement is not granted specifically to any person by name.

    The language used by the O.P. mirrors exactly what this neighbour has said about us to other neighbours in our area in regard to the cameras: [that we have no reason to put up cameras] "other than to spy on me" and "monitoring my comings and goings", and "my driveway" (easement)".

    In addition, in another post on this forum regarding berming, he mentions my wife yelling at him.

    Strangely, this is the same situation we are in. Yes, she has.

    This person has also accused us of trespassing on his property (and reported us to law enforcement) and painting his dogs as a Halloween prank.

    After finding out who actually did that, to his credit he did also report that.

    This person has also hung dead animal body parts on our gate and engaged in other conduct, to my wife in particular which is not pertinent here.

    Yes, we monitor our property.

    The main reason is because we are so remote any law enforcement response would be, at best, 45 minutes away if they dispatched immediately.

    Yes, everyone who drives or walks on the roadways we monitor on our property (animal or human) is recorded.

    At no time are the cameras pointed at, nor do they observe anything, off our property, and they are all installed where we have a right to observe, on our property.

    If another O.P. is indeed our neighbour he is free to negotiate with another property owner for another easement if he wishes, although at no time is his access blocked or restricted on the easement through our property.

    I am confident we are in the clear, legally, however any comments are appreciated!!
  2. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    You are in the clear, legally.

    Morally, too.

    Your neighbor is an idiot. He should realize that the cameras are for his benefit, too.
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  3. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You are posting from an area near Cut Bank and/or Kalispell, MT.

    The other party is posting from an area near Boulder, MT.

    Eerie things occur everyday all over the universe.

    If memory serves me correctly Boulder is at least 4, maybe 5 hours away by vehicle (on a good day) from Cut Bank and/or Kalispell, MT.

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