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Supervised Visitation for 6 years

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by melmor1111, Oct 23, 2021.

  1. melmor1111

    melmor1111 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    My siblings and I were separated via DCFS intervention 7 years ago. I have 7 siblings and we were separated between relatives. My 2 youngest (twin) siblings were placed with their dad without any plan for siblings visitation and the case was closed on their end. This led to me hiring a lawyer & getting supervised visitation of them about 6 years ago over my mother. I was awarded 6 hours per month, we usually meet twice a month for 3 hrs each time. Since then I’ve met with the twice monthly, video chatting and calling as often as possible, provided food for visits, driving hours to meet with them, meeting them and entertaining them along with their 3 “siblings” (no relation) from their dads girlfriend. There have been several issues regarding this girlfriend, she’s demanded I buy her children gift for Xmas or I’m unable to see them on the holidays, demands that her children be present for every visits, restricts my time with them in general, and demands I plan visits through her instead of their dad. I’ve asked on several occasions for years to be able to see them unsupervised (a pick up drop off scenario), as one of the girlfriends main issues is allowing us to meet our 6 hours because I have to work around her, their dads, her kids and the twins schedule to get my time with them. Pick up & drop offs making this easier for everyone and only needed once a month. I currently live out of state for college and continue visits via FaceTime & with frequent visits home (every 2 months), and she is now is restricting my ability to speak to them via phone and am still having issues with getting time to spend with them when I come to visit.
    On to my questions:
    In Illinois is it legal to close DCFS cases without a plan for sibling visitation?

    I’m moving back in less than a year and I’m wondering if it possible for me to bring them back to court and ask for unsupervised visits, since I’ve been doing this for years with no more time or even less then I was award with them then what the court appointed?

    Is it likely for a sibling with long term visitation to get unsupervised visits?
    Thanks so much.
  2. justblue

    justblue Well-Known Member

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    1. Yes, it's legal.
    2. You can file for a modification of the visitation order...and you wouldn't be bringing "them' back to court. You would bring the Father. The girlfriend has nothing LEGALLY to do with this case.
    i would also suggest that when you go to court request that communication be between you and the father with no interference from the girlfriend.

    I highly suggest you consult with a IL family law attorney that is experienced in third party visitation cases.
    Illinois State Bar Association | The Association for Illinois Lawyers
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