F Visa Student Visa problem

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my friend went to a community college. he was taking a math class there.
he did not go to class (because the teacher was not good). and the teacher drop him out. now he has less than 12 hours which is out of statics.
the school said he needs to back to home country and apply everything all over again.

is there anything he can do without going back?
That is not true........... The school representative does not have a clue about f-1 immigration law. He can stay here with no problem. Every F-1 student can take below the minimum full time load once in his life time at any school in the US after dropping a class. There just a paper the international office would get him to fill out and his professor or school signs it too………Can't remember. But I guess they are making a big deal out of it since he did not drop out but was dropped by the professor...........But then again, it can easily be solved........ The information he received is not correct!
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