Statute of limitations



New Jersey

I was knocked down the stairs in a NJ building but did not file a suit against the built-indid not know how badly the fall was going to affect me. I now and suffering from Fibromyalgia, back neck, hips, ankle, knee pain, I am in pain 24/7 and it started after the fall. I thought it would get better but it will not,. I am now on disability and cannot work. Can I still sue the building?
How were you knocked down, why was it the fault of the building management, and how long ago did this happen?
The NJ statute of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit it two years.

If this occurred within the last two years a lawsuit would be timely.

However, you would have to prove that the building owners were somehow negligent and that negligence caused the fall.

Please provide details of how and when this occurred.
Well you can't sue a building. If you were knocked down then your complaint would be against the person who knocked you down.