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Friend of a friend has a problem. Six years ago he stole 2 guns from a family member and sold them. A year passes and the family member discovers them gone and confronts friend of friend. To make a long story short Family member blackmails friend of friend for $$$$ not to turn him in. Family member hand wrote statement he would never prosecute friend of friend for the theft. Fast forward to present day. Friend of friend has straightened life out and wants to get CCW which we all know you must get fingerprinted for. He is scared that family member may have went ahead and called the law and had house dusted for prints. Friend of friend has had none and doesn't want contact with family member sense incident. He is afraid that if prints are in database he could get popped. Friend of friend has no record and the family screw up was the only trouble he has ever been in. So what are the statue of limitations on this?
Why don't you just ask him if he turned you in?
Not asking question for myself. He obviously didn't turn friend of friend in. However, not sure if he reported guns missing or not. What I am saying is he might have reported them missing and local LEO may have come to family members house, dusted for prints and they are now in database.
The statute of limitations is state dependent, and might vary depending on the specific crime alleged. What state did this happen in?

Also, it is possible that the state obtained a John Doe warrant in the name of whoever's prints they lifted (if they lifted any), and then the SOL will not expire. And if the suspect fled the jurisdiction, the SOL may also cease to run.

Your friend may wish to consult an attorney or just pass on the CCW idea.

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