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States honoring Sealed records

Discussion in 'Criminal Records, Expungement' started by KM123, May 31, 2017.

  1. KM123

    KM123 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I have been a Registered Nurse for 2 years, after successfully having my criminal record sealed in the state of Indiana. My plan is to begin travel nursing throughout the United States in a few months. When applying for licensure, will my sealed record be considered as such or is it possible for states to still consider me as having a criminal past, regardless of my sealed Indiana record and therefore not eligible for licensure? If certain states do or don't, Could you please list? Thank you in advance for your response. It is greatly appreciated.

    Katie, RN
  2. hrforme

    hrforme Active Member

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    Sovrn Container -- link to allnurses.com not sure why it popped up Sovrn Container

    and here is just one state: Texas: Texas Board of Nursing - Licensure Eligibility
    where they talk about their standards.

    Your plan needs to include looking into the BON for each state that you want to work in/be licensed in because I am not finding a comprehensive list and doubt there is one that is kept up to date as each state can change as they wish. I am not sure being a travelling nurse in a lot of states won't mean a whole lot of work for you to figure out the rules with little return. Your plan might be better to pick a handful and stick to a certain area.

    But I am also not finding a good picture for you that it won't be considered. You might have to disclose even if the state does not. But what should be considered is what type of crime it was, how long ago, etc.
  3. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    A lot will also depend on what questions are asked on the application and how they are asked.

    Should be easy enough to download an application from every state's BON and they will be your first step in determining whether your criminal record will be an issue since you have to answer questions truthfully whether or not records are sealed.
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  4. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Despite what you may have been told, or are being told, no criminal conviction is ever secure from the prying eyes of any governmental agency.

    The ONLY way to cleanse that conviction from your once pure pristine criminal jacket is to receive a FULL executive pardon.

    Don't concern yourself with ever getting a pardon, because they are rare, and doled out to wealthy, well connected individuals.

    You'll continue to struggle with keeping those skeletons in your closet for the rest of your life on this planet.

    Yes, some speak of expunctions or expungements, just chatter.

    Once you plead GUILTY to any FELONY it never goes away.

    It can never be sealed such that prying eyes can't see.

    I see sealed records everyday, and saw much more when I was in the military.

    Today, I'm a retired (meaning I sit the bench a few days each month so i get a cool license plates for my vehicles identifying me as a Texas District Court Judge) judge, and the things I see would make your eyes water and your ears bleed.

    I suggest you do the best you can to not cause people to be curious about your past.

    That might mean sitting put for a few years, hoping it all dies down a bit.

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