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My friend is a x felon and sex offender.His wife is a felon still on paper.The law went in ther house looking for someone and found a whole lot of guns.His wife was not home at the time they arrested him took the guns.he was out the next day with case dismissed.how can that be if its againist the law for felons or x felons to be around guns or own them. Can someone explain this to me please.
If his felony was expunged then he is no longer a felon. If he is still a felon then something doesnt add up.
Rat, snitch, cheese eater, informant, liar, who really knows?

If it were me, I'd be very careful around this four legged rat, if what had been revealed to me is true!
A couple things come to mind.
It is possible that the police did not conduct themselves properly and lost the weapons as evidence, so the charges were dropped.
It is also possible that the charges were not dropped and he was simply released on bond pending further action.
Either way, if they are felons I highly doubt they will get the weapons back.
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