Social28 Nightmare



"Help !! I am in sublease at Social28 and my roommate is a nightmare."
The matching of her an I could not have been more OFF target. From the start I saw this coming.
She is always bickering at me. Gets up at 5 a.m. slamming doors, TV loud, pulled my laundry from the dryer. Her stay here has not been an easy in only the 17 days she was placed.
  • Keeps moving my stuff from common area. Kitchen towel, candle.
  • I have a candle on the dinning table. She keeps unplugging it and moving it because she uses the entire dinning area for her paper junk. Her reason is that her room desk is full and she has to use it to do her paper work.
  • kitchen towel hanging from the stove. She removes it every time I turn around.
  • Every day when I leave she turns the AC OFF and the Stove ON on High with the stove door open making the apartment temperature of 81.
  • I found trash bags with papers under the sofa, the balcony, by the sofa, on the kitchen counter, through the end of the dinning area.
  • In a clean load of dishes in the dish washer, she put receipts and lotions.
  • She does 4 to 5 loads of laundry daily. I never have a chance to do my laundry.
  • She is constantly bickering and unhappy and complaining. If I am here on Saturday evening to make dinner, sit and watch a movie, I would like to enjoy my time in peace. That is not the case here.
Improvements since she was placed here:
  • She stopped using toxic fumes for cleaning.
  • She minimized the amount of trash bags around the living area.
Inconveniences since I have been here in 30 days:
  • I am not on the lease list according to security.
  • No parking ever anywhere!! Can't park to have lunch hour during work, or bring up groceries, or pack my car for trip or vice versa with your community towing my car.
  • Overcharged parking at $150 per month when there is clearly many empty parking spaces that could be served to accommodate your tenants.
  • Placement of a messy inconsiderate roommate whom we share nothing in common. Without any preconception of my personal requests for a roommate.
  • Having to move everything to my room considering roommate lack of respect for space.
  • Elevator broken for 15 days
  • AC unit broken for 15 days
  • Car towed for having to meet with a Social 28 staff
  • incoming construction of balcony for 4 days, loud construction through out the construction possible for over a month.
  • No police surveillance from 12 to 4 a.m. weekdays when I have to sleep and there is people outside with cars on the street playing loud music and screaming from the balcony. I get little to no sleep.
  • She ran a total of 15 loads of laundry Friday to Sunday.
Feeling unhappy and unsatisfied with way things are run. I have no complains about the staff who have been very nice. But as you can see from this list, there are many reason for me to be disappointed

I am getting no support from administration to resolve any of this issues.
Time for YOU to find yourself a nice 1 bedroom apartment.
As we get older, most people find the roommate situation intolerable. The only exception tolerable to most of us is with Mr. Right or Ms. Right!
I looked at the Social28 website. I'm unsure whether Social28 is a University of Florida owned and run apartment building. My guess is that it is a private company offering what they call "luxury apartments" to students as student housing off campus. As such, your complaint should be directed to Social28 as the University of Florida cannot do anything if this is the case.

You also need to read your lease carefully - including the part concerning roommate matching. Their website states:

Yes! If you don't have roommates in mind (or enough to fill the units in the apartment of your choice) but want to reserve your spot to live at Social 28 before it's too late, we've got you covered. We offer a roommate matching program that gives you the freedom and control to determine who you'll live with.

I can only guess that they will have some program that is designed to help identify a roommate but bear absolutely no responsibility if it doesn't work out. In addition, you need to determine your responsibilities and ability to leave in the event that the living situation doesn't work out AND whether your roommate's actions might constitute grounds for Social28 to evict her. The website seems to indicate that you might have limited flexibility:

An Individual lease means you are only responsible for your portion of rent. Although you may have roommates that share the common areas of your apartment, you are not financially responsible for them and their names are not on your lease.

This probably means that in the event you leave and so does your roommate, you will not be responsible to Social28 for the amount of your roommate's lease too - which would be the total lease value of the apartment. These are commonly called a "joint lease" which has what is called in legal parlance "joint and several liability." That means each of you is responsible for the full amount of rent on the apartment, your share and your roommates. Social28 seems to be the landlord who has agreements directly with the tenant. Of course, all of this is just speculation. Ultimately your written lease is what you'll need to read to determine your remedies.