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NORTH VERNON, In. (WDRB) - An Indiana sheriff's office is offering drug dealers the opportunity to snitch on their rivals as a way to "take care of" their competitors.

"Attention drug dealers!" the Jennings County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook. "Too much competition bringing you down? Are you not making the profits you once did?"

"It's kind of a joke, but it'll work because people are going to give us some information," Sheriff Kenny Freeman said. "That's what we need."

The form also asks where the competition is located, what their vehicle license plate number and state are, as well as information regarding their peak time for drug-dealing.

Freeman has already received some tips he says, one may even lead to an arrest in Michigan.

He mentioned that arrests are coming in Jennings County 'very soon' because of information received from the form.

"If we have a suspect that we think was dealing drugs then we get a form filled out that says 'hey, that's the guy and that's the car he drives', and we're like 'that's what he drives.' Cause, we didn't know what he was driving. There will be information that we gather that you think isn't important, but it becomes important."

The information campaign on social media is bringing the county together to get drugs off the street.

"I think the community wants to be on our team," Freeman said. "They want to help, and they want to help the good guys."

Drug dealers looking to rat out those in their field of work can contact kfreeman@jenningssheriff.org, per the sheriff's office.

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