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Slum lord Repairs, Maintenance

Discussion in 'Other Residential Landlord & Tenant Issues' started by Cbruner05, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Cbruner05

    Cbruner05 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    My landlord was informed face to face 3 months ago that my allergiest (who diagnosed me with being allergic to indoor and outdoor mold) said that an exhaust fan needed to be placed in my bathroom. According to Illinois law IRC-2006 there are to be exhaust fans in every residential home. Still no exhaust fan has been placed.

    Before I was diagnosed with this health issue I noticed wall paper falling off the wall in my older boys room which I got permission from my landlord to rip down wall paper and the rotted drywall.
    I have ripped down and replaced the wall in my kids room that was full of mold and when we got the rotted dry wall off we found mold on the boards behind it. Landlord came and checked it and said it looks fine just put up the new drywall.

    After being diagnosed I took a air sample in my house to test for mold to see what kinds of mold are in the house. Due to the fact we found more in the attic and can smell it in the basement. 4 different types of mold showed up on the lab results. I took them to my allergist who informed me that 2 of the molds I am diagnosed to be allergic to are on there and would explain why myself along with my children are continually sick. The Dr stated after I asked if it was safe for us to live in the house the we have 2 choices #1 Landlord removes all mold or #2 we have to move out.
    I informed my landlord of this last Thursday and the only question she asked me was how many dogs do I have? I was informed that her husband did a walk threw in the basement with my neighbor whos got the other section of the house, while I was gone with family and stated that he only sees dust and cobwebs no mold. My 2 and 1 yr old boys are both I'll since we've returned home on Monday. Both my baby boys have had surgery this past March to have tubes put in their ears and now my 2yr old has a left ear infection along with croup. I'm working on a motorized letter and I have plenty of before and after pictures along w new photos of all my stuff in the basement that has mold all over it to prove my case.

    Question us should I continue and persue getting a lawyer and Sue for the loss of property, our health problems including all drs and hospital bills as well as return of rent and deposit plus the return of all repairs I've made since I've lived here because they refuse to fix anything?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Before you pursue the remedy you discussed, I suggest you consult a real, licensed attorney in your county.
    What you're proposing can be done, but must be done correctly.
    There is no room for error.
    Be advised, you could win, but you might lose.
    So, speak to a couple attorneys before you do anything.
    Good luck.

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