Negligence, Other Injury Slip & Fall Question

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Two months ago a friend of mine injured her knee when she was working for a vendor at a car race. It happened in the vendor's sales trailer when the stepstool (the only seating provided) she was sitting on collapsed.

The person in charge witnessed it but nothing was done at the time . . . no report, no doctor visit, no ER, etc.

She is now having problems . . . doctor visit, rehab, MRI, possible surgery.

What should she do now?


Our friend is visiting and I bragged y'all up to her, told her she would have replies by tonight, which is now.

How soon after the incident did she start seeing a doctor? If she waited two months, it is way too late. The sooner she sought treatment for an injury, the better chance she has for proving the fall from the stool caused it.
If it has been two months, she can never prove that nothing happened between the fall from the stool and now to cause the problem.
We've talked about that. That nothing was done or said at the time of the accident. From what I understand it was just one of those little things no one thought much about at the time.
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