Six loonies arrested in "cuckoo" plot to kidnap MI GOV Whitmer

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    That's your interpretation.

    Mine differs.

    The FAKE NEWS is the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.

    The party propagandists obfuscate how the KKK was created, how the KKK harassed, harangued, tortured, and lynched Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, and Catholics.

    The propagandists and their media collaboraters fail to connect Biden and other sitting and former Democrat politicians to racist Democrat senators & contributors who assisted, aided, and abetted the Democrat militia, aka KKK as recently as the last quarter of the 20th century.

    Democrat former president Clinton admitted that racist Orville Faubus was his mentor, and his wife former SOS Clinton admitted her admiration for former Senator Byrd.

    I could continue with dozens of other connections, some of them holding elected or appointed federal and state offices today.

    I denounce all forms of racism, sexism, ageism, and discrimination.

    I have yet to see Democrats en masse do the same, yet en masse the hypocrites refuse to denounce their racists heroes.
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    I don't even know how to respond to that, so I won't try. I should have known better than to respond to the obvious bait.

    Fake news, indeed.
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    Hi guys, hopefully we can find another topic given where this is going. I really loathe to shut down any conversation and have leeway for non-legal discussion. Politics have become a very challenging, divisive subject and polarity feels like it's at its apex (at least I can't figure how the distance could ever be wider.) Topics like these are difficult to discuss without someone feeling offended and, these days, it's even more difficult to determine who is playing on which side... or maybe playing both of them.

    Concluding, I recall Frank Zappa's take on the media. He looked at news from both sides and concluded the "truth" fell somewhere in between. But he didn't get to see 2020. No matter where we go, I'm just looking forward to 2021 so that I can convince myself we've put the hex of 2020 behind us...
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