Eviction Defense Sinkhole, overdue rent, safety issues

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I'm going to try to summarize the issues. Three adults and three children, renting home that was advertised as having a sinkhole, not repaired. Asked landlord 2 years ago if it was safe and he indicated yes. Last year I had a stroke and as of recent, last month, no income...awaiting social security decision. We had a lease first year, but not this second year. We are past due on rent of two months right now. Property Manager was working with us. Last week, sinkhole in garage opened up. Foundation cracking through out approximately 1/2 of house on garage side. At beginning of rental the pool had been boarded up, boards not treated. Boards are now rotting and pool is full of standing water which now overflows when it rains and contributes to the sink hole. Standing water from pool attracts mosquitoes. Oven and dishwasher stopped working. Oven replaced, dishwasher was not. Air conditioner and heat stopped working. Shingles dropping off roof and now leaking. Garage door tilted now and won't go up or down. Never had any window screens in bottom windows of home. Last water bill was for $500+ dollars, I believe from a toilet that wouldn't stop leaking. Property manager won't fix until we pay back rental money, threatening eviction, and we are afraid to pay back rental because we'll need the money to get the heck out of dodge before it goes down with the sinking ship. Please advise us what to do.
What YOU do is up to you.
Only YOU can decide what YOU should do.
That said, I'd report the matter to the city building inspectors.
Your lives are at risk.
Does that matter?
It sure would to me.
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