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Singapore General Hospital

Discussion in 'Accidents, Injuries, Negligence' started by austin_powers, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. austin_powers

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    My mom is a religious teacher for more than 25 years. She had harm no one. my mom fell in the hospital premise. The nurse failed to attend to her or support her. She is a Kidney patient. After eye examination in the Singapore Eye Centre, her vision was still blur when she came out, the nurse did not support her.My dad was siging a form. He too was blur after the eye examination.
    My mom fell and hit her head on something. 3 days later theres blood in the eye. She vommited. Suppecting brain injury, we send her to the Singapore General Hospital for treatment in the A E dept.(Friday morning)She reached there at 10:30am and was admitted to ward at 7:30pm.
    She became delirious. She acted strangely limbs movement were not normal. The nurse told us no neuro doctor available till Monday. later at about 1 am, they send her for CT scan. Later MRI.
    we never received news from the hospital. Now this old lady lay in ward 52B suffering pains but unable to speak. the doctors, are blaming the problem on renal failure and viral infection . And did various operation on her.
    We think its the fall that trigger such behaviour. They did not show us the Xray or scan result of the head. till date. they say its viral infection of the brain.

    AE accident and emergency department had not traeted her in such long period. How did the Singapore General Hospital got their ISO 9002 ? did the inspection agency take dirty money? How can the General Hospital get JCI (joint commission international) approval? Are all these scammers organisations?

    Should we sue the hospital for negligence?

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