Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft shoplifting Michigan

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well that job ends like in 2 weeks it was only summer job it was furnuture moving and doing yard work...
btw im not a citizen yet but we applying this november will that case of shoplifting gonna hurt my chances to be a citizen?
okay i wll do that so it dont matter what kinda lawyer it is Public one or the one u need to hire !! and pay $ and other quastion what will Community Service will do to me if they give me one is it just like a punishment or its gonna clear ur record?

You need legal counsel for your criminal charge. If you can afford your own you hire one. If not then ask for Public Defender. Judge will instruct you on the process
i don't think i can afford one at this moment so i will just ask for Public Defender !
how long my case gonna take? because i got school coming up sonn !!
We have no way of knowing that. There are many factors to consider. Plan on your case being continued for at least a month after you request Public Defender
man.... that's a lot of time !! and ps i don't want any one in my house to find that out !!!
i think they will find out some how :(
Just how would we or why would we tell anyone in your home? :rolleyes: Yes they are very likely to find out ;)
im not saying u guys will !! because the gonna mail me thats how they will find out !!! if they do is good if i take my dad and mom to court or it don't matter because im 18 now !!
If your convicted it will show on any background check run on you. This could prevent you from being hired. So your answer is no.
Most jobs will run a background check on you.
If its a retail job, or a job handling money, you're out of luck, no one wants to hire a theif.

I go through applications here at my store and if it says "theft" under any criminal charges I put it in a do not hire file.
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