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today i got caught in the mall i stole magnetic earring's that cost 8$ and i'm 18 years old and my back round was clear what will they do to me ? is there any chances i will go to jail? i know i was stupid to do that but i dont know why i did it even though i had money with me :( ...
i dont know how to tell my parents about it .. is that okay if i go by my self to court should i get a lawyer ? the police officer told me that i wll go to jail for 93 days im sooo scared please help me
tnx yeah i allready looked that up !! well i got banned from the mall for 1 year and the police were called and she told me that i will go to jail for 93 days !! even though its my first offense do u think that the police was just scaring me or its true that i wll be in jail for my first offense ? btw do i need a public lawyer or the one who need's money?
Civil Demand is a "Civil" not criminal fine. YOur criminal fine will come from the court. In any theft jail is option but its highly unlikely
oh ok tnx.. btw u didnt answer this ' do i need public lawyer or the one who needs money '
and when will the send me the bills or the court date!!
Public defenders are for those who cannot afford counsel. You need to show you cannot afford your own Lawyer. It is still possible you willowe the Public Defender's office something at case end though
ok i wll do that and how long u think my case will take to end up
and is there any way that i can clean it from my backround/
is it good if i take my parents to court with me ?
Diversion programs and their availabilty vary so ask your Attorney (Lawyer) In general they work like a conviction however once you complete program your case is "dismissed" meaning you have no criminal conviction on your record
tnx for explaining !! how much do u think all that will cost ??
and shud i contact with a lawyer before i go to Court ?
Cost vary by county but I suspect your criminal case to cost less than $500.00 in court fines. Yes you should consult Lawyers before court even if you do not intend to hire them. Arm yourself with knowledge :)
umm i wll try my best to hire a lawyer..
so there is no way that i will go to jail for my first offense ?
i HOPE not im soo scared its a good life lesson though!!!
do u think i scrwed up my future because i got caught?
btw when i go to court i can tell them this story in diffrent way because i was with my friend!! im gonna say :

I was in the store with my friend who is 15 years old ... and we were gonna buy some magnatic earrings then my friend he had like 10 $ on him because i had like 150 $ in my valet i didnt want to break my 50 just for 8 $ item so that dude he just walked up from the store so do i if they gonna ask me why i did im just gonna say i was gonna get 8 $ from him and the lady caught me she thought i was stealing those earrings""""

or u just want me to say the truth to them ?
You shouldn't have to say anything! Your Lawyer will talk for you. If pleading guilty (with a plea deal) you don't need to explain why and the court doesn't care
allright i will do so ...
how about there is gonna be no lawyer ?
i dont think i can afford the money for the lawyer!!!! :(
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