Shoplifting and Green Card Application


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New York
I was accused of shoplifting 4 years ago. My name, DOB, address, and picture were taken. I signed some forms and they let me go. I paid the civil demand and they never pressed charges.

My question is... Will my name be in one of these retail theft databases? If so, will immigration check these databases when conducting their background checks during my GC application?

I have tried to find if the retailer is a subscriber to one of these databases with no avail. Can anyone help me with this? PM me if needed.
Yes, names of thieves are collected and deposited in retail theft databases.

Assume yours is, too.

Apply for a job you don't want as a test to determine if your name is in a database.
I am a Retail Theft Consultant and answer questions like yours daily. Retailers subscribe to these databases not courts or immigration

Thanks for the reply Shrinkmaster. So the F//B//I doesn't access these databases, since they do all the background checking for immigration?

I've been wanting to PM, but the forum wouldn't let me.

Are you still in touch with any of your contacts that know more about these databases?