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So how long does the arraignment last? Can anyone qualify for a public defender? I'll receive no punishment tomorrow, right? So he'll basically just ask how I plead and that's it?
They generally last a few minutes. Unless you plead guilty no punishment will be issued on that court date
So I showed up for my arraignment but was told that since I was pleading not guilty I couldn't discuss anything with the judge. Instead I had to make a Sept 1st appt with the city attorney. What just happened?
No, I didn't. Since I couldn't even speak to the judge, I didn't know who to ask. How can I get one now? What will this new date be, a hearing or a meeting? Did I do the right thing?
The clerk said if I was pleading not guilty that I couldn't discuss my case with the judge and I'd just have to make an appointment with the city attorney. I had to sign some papers that stated that the attorney would go over trial procedures and they gave me a date to see him. As far as I know, other than pleading guilty, that was my only option.
Ok this seems odd. I would suggest that when you talk to DA you ask for Public Defender be there. Your lack of knowledge of the law and options can work against you when talking to DA. Make no admissions or deals without legal representation which is your right by law
How do I get a public defender now? From your understanding, do you think I did the right thing or should I have plead guilty?
Pleading guilty would have gotten you sentenced right then no deal just whatever Judge wants. Yes you did right thing. Other than plead not guilty did you say anything else in court? I am wondering if the "City Attorney" you speak of is Public Defender.
No, I said nothing else at all. Just that I was pleading not guilty. Do you think I should ask an attorney if the city attorney is my pd, or maybe call the courthouse? I want to know ahead of time so I can be ready if he isn't the pd. If he isn't, where can I find one?

And thank you for all your advice so far. I was beginning to think I'd made the wrong decision.
The Judge cannot read minds. If you did not tell him you wanted a Public Defender there is no reason to tell you how to get one. Yes call courthouse what (if anything) can be done
Yes you did. When you plead not guilty is when you should have spoke up. Water over teh dam now. Call courthouse see what can be done. Find out who your meeting is with the DA or Public Defender. Admit nothing to DA or make any plea deals! At least not without talking to an Attorney first
I just called and the lady knew nothing. She said I'd have to call around to find a pd, but I don't even know where to start. And she said that if I chose to have representation then the whole case would go a different route. She said everything was up to me and offered no other information other than just talking to the city attorney which is, from what I gathered, the da.
You are entitled to a Lawyer by law. Whoever you talked to had their head in their rear. Ok since you cannot get help from courthouse and you failed to mention wanting Public defender in court try another route. Start calling Lawyers. Many offer free consultations. Meet with a smany as you can. Ask about plea options like Diversion. Then if you do meet with DA without a Lawyer (not recommended) yu can have some knowledge of what to do. Also ask these Attorneys about how to get Public Defender. Heck you might even hire one of them. Right now you have big problem and thats meeting and dealing with DA without legal representation
How was I supposed to ask for one without speaking to the judge? The clerk I plead to is the same lady I just spoke to on the phone. She knew nothing. I'll start calling around but I can't afford a lawyer. Worst case scenario, what do you think will happen if I go without representation?
If you want help you need to listen. I said many Lawyers offer "free" consultations. Talk to as many as you can so you can have some knowledge before meeting with DA. How is you plead without going to court? When you go to court there is a Judge. You say you plead to this clerk?
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