Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft Shop lifting at Walmart

He went on to say that these stores send out this demand letter in hopes that the person who got caught will just pay and move on out of the same type of fear being generated by you on this forum.

The truth of it though is that if you don't pay the civil demand of $500 it costs these companies more money to take the issue before the courts then to drop it...

... what do you know word for word that is exactly how it panned out.
Thanks,Nashley428,for your post's. Shrinkmaster,always shows up on every thread involving a shoplifting charge,with the same bs,and videos,trying to incite fear in those caught for shoplifting.He's like some "internet advocate," for all Merchants,and people ignorant to how the Courts,and the law works regarding "civil demand" letters,would indeed be fearful,more so of criminal charges than anything else,and pay whatever the Merchant is demanding,until someone knowledgeable come on here,and tells them the truth.
Your response man,was spot on,and Thanks for posting it.
WRONG I get NO incentive in ANY form by suggesting or not suggesting Civil Demand be paid. I am only advising clients, potential clients or anyone else of "possible" consequences. I have repeated over and over the likihood of Law suit is low. It does exist however as does other consequences. Its a gamble and the person making the gamble should be informed before making a possible life altering choice