Sheriff's sale not properly advertised

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My sheriff's sale has already been conducted (two days ago), but I notified the sheriff's office prior to the auction that the property had not been advertised properly (it was only advertised twice instead of the required three times).

I'm wondering what my options are at this point -ideally I would like to at least have the sale thrown out so that it would have to be redone.

The goal here is time, we were originally filling for a deed in lieu but the bank dropped our application and sent us a letter informing us that we did not qualify. Because of that, we did not pursue it further. A week before the sale, in a conversation with the bank, we were told that we did in fact qualify, but could not re-apply due to the lack of time. Our application was apparently dropped because we failed to send them something - something we thought they were waiting on the courts for.

So -(1)buy precious time, and (2)get a deed in lieu rather than a foreclosure. That's the goal.

A local lawyer suggested possibly filling a "motion to vacate" -if I heard correctly, but I'm not sure where to begin with that. Any advice would be appreciated.

We are in Ohio (Lake county).
Hire a lawyer, because if you don't, they'll CLOBBER you again.
A lawyer will at least put up a fight.

You'll be TKO'ed before you step into the ring!!!!
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