Harassment, Stalking, Misconduct Sent death threat by a guy with previous rape and death threat restraining order

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Been in a business with a guy with previous rape allegations, previous threats to his ex wife to lie to the police, previous threats to kill his ex wife and her father.

Nobody asked him to enter into business with me, he begged me for more equity in the company citing family problems, then started harassing me to take the company over. Would call me a "thick skull", "mentally unstable", a "liability" - constantly keep hounding me for more equity.

To intimidate me, said he was thinking of getting his ex wife killed. Then told me there will be "repercussions for my family" if he takes legal action.

I told the police, police didn't want to do anything, so I created some social media activity - Twitter, GoFundMe etc.

Police have instead charged me for an "anti-stalking" order and there may be criminal charges.

Would like to know :-

1. Can I tweet about a public personality - I should be without really any hindrance?
2. A person has a precedent of a restraining order, lying to the police looks like, and sending two death threats - the Police seem unwilling to do anything?

How would I defend myself in this case?

I have also been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of this.
Sorry, we discuss the federal laws of the USA and the laws of her states/territories.

We aren't behaving as elitists.

Sadly, that's all we know.

You need to report your issues to the local constabulary or the crown prosecutor.

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