seeking options



Hello! to start, I moved to Florida last February for the sake of saving the relationship of my son and his father, (whole different issue). I live with my ex, my son's father, and have been since last February. We didn't have an oral or written agreement for me to pay anything and I was not going to argue that. We have since moved and he's been dating for a couple of months and want his girlfriend to move in. He says legally I have only 15 days to go but what is the legit truth. I know he wants me out as soon as possible and that's fine but I don't respond well to bullying.
I suggest you leave within the 15 day time frame.
You can stay longer, but if you do, he'll formally evict you.
You don't want an eviction filed against you.
The mere filing will destroy your ability to rent decent housing for decades.
If you don't care, then you stay.
An eviction normally takes from six to ten weeks, give or take.