Passport Seeking a US passport for Thai child with American father

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My female friend who is Thai has a child from an American citizen. She is attempting to gain an US passport for the child. The US Embassy in Thailand is telling her that the father has to petition for the passport. The father acknowledges the child is his, and there is a signed birth certificate. The father has not taken any steps to get the child the passport. Is there anything left for my friend to do? My belief is the father is reluctant to petition for the passport because he fears there will be financial consequences (child support).
The MAN or the MARK doesn't have to do anything, neither would you, if someone alleged you to be a father.
A signed Thai birth certificate doesn't necessarily carry any weight in the matter, either.
As far as there being a WE, that should be a HER, as YOU aren't a party to the Thai baby matter.
The Thai mother is always FREE to return immediately to Thailand to care for her child.
Court ordered paternity testing is also out of the question. A Thai court can't touch the MARK, and a US court will take no note of this.
If it were MY friend, I'd advise her to not abandon her child.
She should rush back to Thailand.
A poor child appears to have lost his or her mom.
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