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School Negligence?

Discussion in 'Accidents, Injuries, Negligence' started by Yeena, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. Yeena

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    This is a complicated story kind of, so here goes.

    My sister is in Middle School. About 2 weeks ago, in her Chorus class they were rehearsing for a show that night. She started to feel really sick, and fell off of the risers onto boxes. The teacher said "WHAT IS THAT?" and all of the kids said "It was Allyson, she just fell" so my sister got up all dazed and confused, and told the teacher she didnt feel right, and the teacher just sent her on her way to the bathroom, all by herself. She didn't take the time at all to see what was wrong, or anything. She was upset that Allyson was disrupting class the day they had a show to do.

    My sister ended up in the bathroom. The next thing she remembered, she was waking up on the floor. She got up and walked up the stairs the wrong way to her class, and her best friend had to keep saying ALLYSON!! But my sister didnt even know who she was.

    They ended up in the lunch room and my sister was just sitting there, out of it. Everyone kept saying Allyson, are you ok? And she would just say Huh?? Like she didnt know what was going on.

    Her friends took her to the nurse.

    After that she spent 2 days in the Hospital. Finally, we got an answer. She was having Brain Seizures. She still has them, and has to see a Neurologist. But we are very very upset with the teacher.

    Once a child is in that school for the day, it is their responsibility to make sure they are safe, and ok. By sending her to the bathroom alone, we feel that she was not doing her job. The School has done nothing about it. Do you think we should get a lawyer?

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