Credit Cards, Rating, Repair scammed out of $2,000. what to do?

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I fell for an internet scam and it out me negative $2,000 in my checking account. I had to close out my account. This happened back in September. I'm wondering if I can fight it since I had no idea it was a hot check until it wasbtoo late and I had already western unioned the cash. Please help
You're lucky you don't get charged criminally. Only you can prevent others from scamming you.

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Why would the OP, who is the victim here, be charged criminally?
These kind of advance-fee scams have been going around for quite some time. Here's more info on how they operate, so that others will not fall into their trap:

Why? Because bad checks are the presenters responsibility to correct. If you don't repay the bank for the funds you withdraw using a bad check, you can be charged with passing a bad check. Those checks are counterfeit. I know how they work. I also know that you can be charged for passing those things. Google it, lots of people are harmed financially and criminally for getting scammed and being stupid.
I agree with army judge. I heard them talk on the TV news (more than once) about people needing to be aware of scams because you will be most likely "damaged" financially & "sometimes criminally." If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
I think as a practical matter, nobody is likely to be charged by a bank when they are the victim of this popular scam. I was approached by this scam once and called the bank, they told me all about how it works -- even weeks after the check "clears" it can bounce. I'm surprised more people haven't learned about this scam. Anyway, you're not likely to be persecuted, but neither is anyone else in this matter. A lot of these things are organized crime scams. I dealt with a car giveaway contest associated with magazine subscriptions that, judging by the accents of the people I was speaking to, were the Jamaican mafia. All I had to do was pay a $200 processing fee to collect my millions of dollars ... and a car .. and the Brooklyn Bridge.
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