Arrest, Search, Seizure, Warrant s this enough probable cause for search warrant?

Oh... Well that is quite different.

Still seems legit though. The tip was old but it was supported by current information in the trash and utility bill...

Even with an old tip they still developed probable cause to search. It isn't invalid just because it's old.
Yes, I am asking if this defense is worth hiring a appeals attorney at $10,000.

Will the defendant be spending HIS/HER money, or is SHE/HE seeking the leave to appeal using funds received from GENEROUS benefactors?
The most recent statistics I could recall were revealed in this 2007 study:
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Be forewarned, criminal appeals rarely result in overturning a guilty verdict or finding.

The majority of criminal appeals simply order a new trial.

The facts haven't changed, nor has most of the original evidence.

The testimony can be revisited, assuming the original witnesses are still alive or can be found.

I understand why a convicted felon would want to exhaust her appeals.

I don't understand why anyone would pay for the appeal of another.

I have done about 20 criminal appeals in my life, mainly in the military system (UCMJ), with a few in TX, WY, and IA.

I know several brilliant criminal appellate attorneys.

I don't know how most of them sustain the results received.

One once told me that she did it for that one client who had his/her life positively impacted by having a verdict overturned.


Back to the instant matter before us, mate.

I see nothing compelling in WI law which achieve the relief your relative desires.

As Mighty Moose so adeptly illustrated, the standard for the issuance of a warrant is probable cause, relatively low burden of allegation, rather than proof. LOL

I've PROBABLY issued many search warrants on far less substantive proof than that which caused the one in the matter we're discussing to be issued.

I wish you the best in all of this, as it certainly be used to further enhance your knowledge of criminal appeals, and even the criminal law.