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Roommates wants their portions of security deposit back

Discussion in 'Roomate & Joint Leases' started by thicindy, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. thicindy

    thicindy Law Topic Starter New Member

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    So I moved out of my house i rented in Richmond, the landlord took all out of security deposit $1800 to fix my room. Two of my roommates wants me to pay their portions of the deposit back because they gave me money and I wrote a check for the landlord for $1800. They said they are willing to take me to court for the amount I owed them. She said that she has free representation and that she would win the case because the landlord only fixed my room only. My other roommate said she knew the deposit was gone based on how our house was. I lived with three other people. On top of that the landlord wants additional $700 because he used more than $1800 to repair my room. Landlord replace two small parts of the floor in my room and he repainted the whole room to try to get rid of dog odor. He used up all of the security deposit for my room. Only one of my roommate currently staying there while 3 of us have moved out. He didn't do a move-out inspection with us and he never gave a new lease to sign after 1 year went by because we live there for 2 years. So Idk what to do
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    In VA small claims courts, each party is required to represent himself or herself.
    That means, no lawyers allowed, unless the person is mentally incapacitated or impaired.

    Read this:


    If you believe you don't owe them anything, stop talking, stop trying to convince them you're right, just stop yapping.

    If they decided to sue, no big deal, you defend.
    They tell their story, you tell yours, the judge decides.
    Winning doesn't mean you must pay, it means they must try and collect.
    That isn't easy.

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