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Roommate Money Situation

Discussion in 'Small Claims & Municipal Court' started by dicksod5, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. dicksod5

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    I have a question about money for deposits for an apartment. When my roommate and I signed up, it cost $510. The price included the $250 security deposit, $100 administrative fee, and $160 application fees for both of us and both of our co-signers. My roommate did not have the money, so my mom dished out the full amount. She promised to pay her back as soon as the school we go to sent her a check she was waiting for. Before that happened, though, her and I got into a huge fight and she decided to move out before the lease was signed. She is now unwilling to pay anything other than the $80 for her application fees, as she believes she should not pay for the deposit if a new roommate is coming in, as she will not cause those damages. I believe she still owes the full $255 as it was a loan from my mother. A bank, I do not believe, would care about the circumstances, but still require full payment. What should I do about this? Is there legal action that I can take? I know it is a small amount, but it means a lot to my family, especially with the economy how it is right now. I just want to know what is right, and see to it that it happens.

    Thank you for any help you can give me. I truly appreciate it.

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