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Good afternoon,

Last year, we were 5 students living in Manchester and had a rented contract on a house from september to July. It was a joint tenancy. We all had a guarantor and a 500£ deposit on the table.

Over the summer, we found out by reaching our real estate agency that one of the housemates, Lara, had left leaving 6months unpaid rent for a total of 4300£. We were not aware of that. As, on top, she had asked us throughout the year to contribute to here share of the rent on the basis that her room was the smallest, to which we did, giving approximately 100£ each to her.

Nevertheless, we tried to reach her several times and as we have all now graduated it is very hard for us to coordinate. She simply ignores our calls and messages as well as those of the agency.

The agency got back to us stating that there was no damage on our house so no deduction was to be made from our deposits. However, as Lara's debt was above the sum of our deposits together they would have to cash them in providing Lara did not come up with a solution. Which she didn't.

Unfortunately, her guarantor passed away in the late months of our academic year. The agency then naturally turned to us to get in touch with her but we were just as unsuccessful.

Weeks went by and the holding agency DPS finally had to release our deposits for them to be cashed by our agency.

Lara is still not replying to our messages but seems to be working as a Lawyer in the City...

How can we get our money back from her?
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