Roomate Hell in West Hollywood


Wolfram N

I have lived in a nice, rent-controlled apartment in West Hollywood for over 25 years now. Four years ago a close friend needed a place to stay so I said OK, on the grounds that he share maintenance & upkeep, general household costs (toilet paper., towels etc) as well as rent. For the last three years, he has been on time with the rent a total of four times, sometimes stretching into the following month. Has not contributed to the household costs, will not clean his messes, turned his bedroom into a bedbug riddled shambles and constantly annoys the downstairs neighbors with late night guests, who get loud. And just yesterday violated an oral non-disclosure agreement we had had, which caused great distress to a mutual friend. Everything here is in my name, rent, utilities etc, I pay all the bills and he is nowhere listed with the management company. I have always had a strict "No one goes hungry under my roof" policy, so I am feeding him as well. I have had enough and want him out. I've talked, begged and pleaded with him, but nothing works. I want to do this legally. What should my course of action be?
Rent controlled unit, huh.
Oh, in West Hollywood, to boot.
You're in for a very big surprise mate.
I suggest you start by discussing your options with an attorney or two near you.
That's the best way to understand EXACTLY what you're up against.

If you ever get this moocher out, don't ever allow anyone to stay the night in your nice apartment.
You will probably want to speak to a landlord-tenant attorney. Rent controlled apartments are not a landlord's favorite agreement. If possible, they usually relish the opportunity to evict a rent controlled tenant on the basis of breaching your lease agreement. Your good deed may go punished unless you are careful and you might want to change your policy regarding the coverage of food and necessities. After all, why would anyone want to leave if you're doing absolutely everything to let them know that you're willing to continue providing charity to the undeserving?