Arrest, Search, Seizure, Warrant Review of Probable cause affidavit, no probable cause found

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It's always a toss up in situations such as yours, RTR.
I suggest, all else being equal and you trust both attorneys, waiting it out.
So far, you've not been charged.
I suggest you continue to avoid the ALLEGED victim, stay off their radar, and wait (as suggested by your current attorney).
It might see to your dad that doing something is preferable over doing nothing.
Most things other than than the criminal justice system that philosophy is useful.
In criminal matters, do as little as you can until your hand is forced.
As I see things, so far, so good, 1/4 speed ahead; steady as she goes!!!

Thanks! I have not had ANY contact with the accuser since they made their allegation. I have no intention of ever seeing/talking to this person again.

I will continue to heed your advice and, if you don't mind, will keep you updated....
Yes sir, I remain curious as to how this all plays out.
If they had the goods on you, you'd have been arrested yesterday.
Hang in there, the end is near.
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