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I have had the same propane company for many years. I am an excellent customer. Recently, they delivered 52.9 gallons and charged me $290.54 ! This is way over the US Energy Information Administration report for the same week of our delivery.

I have written to them and asked them to remove the 52.9 gallons as we do not need them and the price is way too high. We recently got a furnace conversion to natural gas and just wanted to use up the propane we have left for the stove and dryer before converting them over to natural gas.

They have not responded to my letter dated 12/01/2014, and have sent an additional bill dated 01-01-2015 and added a late charge and a statement charge.

I have written them again, asking them to remove the propane or charge me the going rate for week of Nov in Pa - that is $ 2.946 per gallon.

What can I do legally if they refuse to even reply to my letters and what if they try to send my account to some collection agency ?

I do not want to ruin my credit, but they did NOT notify me of any increase. NO ONE is charging $4.65 per gallon.

Help !!

Senior Citizen in Pa.
You can contact your state's public services commission (or equivalent), you can pay under protest to preserve your credit (then sue for the money in small claims court), you can contact the media about senior citizens being ripped off, you can work with your local and state government ELECTED officials, or/and continue to work with the propane company to negotiate a compromise.

The propane company appears obstinate, so this may not end quickly.
If that's the case, pay them, terminate their services by sending a certified letter (return receipt requested) then sue in small claims for what you believe you are owed, wait to see what happens.

Good luck.
It may simply be they are still selling propane that was purchased at the higher price and will not sell at a loss. Consult your contract with them.
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