Regions Bank: stop-payment approved--now decided not to honor it

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I called Regions to stop a monthly automatic transaction last Friday. The withdrawal is for my homeowners/auto insurance premium. My premium for that month was already paid and I didn't want to "double pay". My Insurance Co. told me that it was too late for them to stop the withdrawal on their end of the deal (this was on 6/12 and it is always taken out on the 15th of the month). They were understanding, but suggested I call my bank and see what could be done from their perspective. Regions Bank asked me the amount of the transaction. My policy terms just changed, and I knew my payment was going to be different, but I was not sure to the exact dollar amount. I told the representative that I knew the name of the company who would be deducting from my account, that it would be done at midnight on Sun., and the amount was "one hundred eighty something". It was actually $187, but I was driving and didn't know that at the time. The man said he needed to know an exact amount, and I then explained why I wasn't sure (ins. terms had changed). He wanted to find out what to do, and he put me on hold to speak to his manager. He came back to the phone and confirmed that they could do a stop payment on this transaction for $36, and I accepted.
I now have discovered they did not apply the stop payment that I paid for, and it has caused me to overdraw my account. During the summer my funds are low in this account since I am a teacher and do not receive a paycheck again until late Aug. They also charged $70 in overdraft fees (two @ $35/ea.) for items that have passed through the account since the $187 came through anyway.
I used their e-mail service on the web to inquire about a credit. I couldn't believe the answer I received. They basically said I should've given them an exact dollar amount if I wanted the stop payment to work. I didn't have recourse unless I thought a debit had been made fraudulantly. I e-mailed them again asking them to please fix the issue their representative(s) authorized. They did credit my account for the $36 stop payment fee, but not the $70 overdraft fees or the $187 payment that shouldn't have gone through. All their representative had to do was tell me they needed an exact amount, and I would've called back later with that number. I do not understand why they think I am at fault. Now my bank account is sitting at a negative balance. It will be at least another week or two until I can deposit more money, so I could get more fees if there are transactions that were from before I knew I was overdrawn. Is this legal for them to do?
Contact the insurance company and tell them to send the money back to the bank account. ( they have been paid twice now). once that is done -- contact the "Manager" or the same person you talked to at the bank originally and tell them they need to reverse the over draft fees-- the bank is not going to give you the original amount per they are not the ones in possesion of that money- it is your insurance company---

long story short ( there is a bunch of fine print on time lines stop pays etc when you sign up for "bill pay") the fault lies with your insurance company or even you because they had already been paid that month and you gave the bank 3 days to stop a auto pay with out the exact $$ amount-- however it can all be resolved if you talk to the right people
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