Refinancing a 33 Unit Apartment Complex in Southern California

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I have received three Letters of Interest from three financial institutions. They are offereing 5 year fixed at 3.92% and 10 year fixed at 4.89%. The 5 year has no "yield maintenance" and the 10 year does. Am I boxing myself in too much if I decide to go with the 10 year fixed rate? We like the property and believe we would like to hang on to it for that long. Or am I crazy not to go with the 5 years and leave myself with a whole lot more flexibility.

Also, I'm told in both cases, the loan is assumable. So my question here is, if that is indeed the case, and I decide to sell the property to a Buyer who either assumes the existing loan or finds whole new financing, will that extinguish my original personal guarantee on this loan?

Thank you.
You should consult a CPA and a tax lawyer before proceeding further with this deal.
Never trust a lender without doing your own due diligence, especially when you're entering into MAJOR financial transactions.
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