Raising Trading Capital

You can't receive the SPECIFIC and COMPLEX information you require from strangers on a discussion site focused on simple answers to simple questions.

You need to RETAIN the services of an attorney and tax professional.

Venture capital firms invest their funds into entities that have created a better mouse trap, new technology, or a new invention.

Venture capitalists are reluctant to fork over their assets for others to use on gambling or speculating.

Good luck, mate.
The following web page explains what an investment club is:

Investment Club

That's not you.

What you want to do is get people to give you money to invest for them in the hopes of making a profit and, hopefully, being sophisticated enough to understand when you tell them, in writing, that they could just as easily lose all their money.

That kind of operation is similar to mutual funds, hedge funds, index funds, ETFs, etc, and is regulated and licensed by the SEC. Yes, you will have to be licensed by the SEC to be able to do this legally. Otherwise, it's a federal crime.

Start by studying everything the SEC website has to offer:

SEC.gov | HOME
You could have said that without sounding CONDESCENDING and using weird EMPHASIS. But OK, I guess this wasn't the appropriate venue. Bye then.

P.S. Software / math forums regularly get questions 100x times more complicated and specific than this, and total strangers do look at them for free just because they're interested in their own field and like fostering a community. I'm sorry to hear that lawyers take so little pleasure in what they do that answering newbie questions for fun isn't a thing. If I were a lawyer I could see myself sitting down with a glass of wine at the end of the day and digging into some newbies questions online just for the fun of it. I do exactly that with math and programming. I'm not trying to get a full-fledged lawyer on board for a big multi-year project for free. Just reading my question and pointing me at the right law textbook or something would be dandy, jfc.
I was replying to army judge, I hadn't seen your reply at the time. Thanks so much for reading and the thoughtful reply, I did appreciate it and I won't look down the investment club alley anymore.