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Racist Violence at Peaceful Protests

Discussion in 'Constitutional Law & Civil Rights' started by PaladinJustice, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. PaladinJustice

    PaladinJustice Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I’ve been working with the Black Lives Matter movement in both Turlock and Merced California.

    The police are not stopping the violence and are often in riot gear facing the BLM peaceful protestors and supporting the Proud Boys.

    In November 2020 at a Sacramento rally a Proud Boy used Bear Mace and sprayed it directly in the face of Jaimee E. who is the leader of the Turlock Black Lives Matter group.

    Jaimee goes to many BLM events and recognizes many of the Proud Boys and other racists that attend. She has some of their names and knows that one of them came from Oregon while he is on bail for crimes of violence at Oregon events. Is there a law against leaving Oregon when you are out on bail? Can we report that one?

    The Proud Boys actually have a ranking system and to achieve higher ranks you must physically attack someone.

    I would like the police department sued for negligence when they do not do their job during rallies where racists provoke violence. I was personally at a rally in Merced where a police car drove by and a policeman flipped off the peaceful protestors.

    Only by pressing criminal charges and litigation are we ever going to teach the racists and police departments that their actions are not acceptable.

    We can easily have someone at the events filming and taking photos of the attackers and their vehicle license plates. I even have a mini-drone for aerial photos if that would help.

    Using bear mace - is that a bio-weapon which is against the law to use on people? Spraying it in the eyes of a person could cause permanent psychological and emotional damage to the victim, right?

    My hope is to find a contingency lawyer who will help us prosecute and litigate. My hope is the litigation against both the individuals and the police department will provide the necessary funds to make it worthwhile for the lawyer.

    Looking for a lawyer to work with the BLM movement and actively prosecute and sue everyone involved as a way to teach these people that crime is punishable.
  2. justblue

    justblue Well-Known Member

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    The State Bar of California

    This site doesn't provide referrals nor do the attorneys that volunteers here troll for clients. You can call the CA Bar Association for referrals.
  3. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    It is absolutely legal to carry pepper spray and use it to protect your personal safety without having any special state or federal permits. CA laws do regulate the size and/or weight of the defense spray products you can carry and buy. The legal container size must be equal to or below 2.5 ounces of active product.


    In California, it is legal to purchase, own and use pepper spray if used in self-defense.

    If the substance is used on another human being out of anger and/or as not in self-defense against another person, it COULD result in fines and/or up three years in state prison.
    Penal Code § 22810(g).

    I suggest the alleged victim of the bear spray report the matter to the proper, local law enforcement agency(ies).

    The inflammatory properties of bear spray will affect humans in a similar way as it does bears. A person contaminated with bear spray will experience the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and lungs to swell and be irritated.

    If any person believes he/she has been the victim of a criminal act(s), he/she should immediately report the alleged crime to the nearest law enforcement agency(cies).

    It should go without saying, however I will type it: IF YOU ARE THE VICTIM OF A CRIME(S),
    he/she/it would be best served to call "9-1-1" as soon as possible during or after the crime has occurred.
  4. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    The BLM is already involved in lawsuits going in both directions. I'm sure that BLM already has its own lawyers and will file whatever lawsuits it deems necessary.
  5. Tax Counsel

    Tax Counsel Well-Known Member

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    Such a lawsuit isn't going to succeed when the failure is simply the police deciding to do nothing. The police have the discretion to decide which crimes to go after and which to let go. This is instead a political issue — voters need to pressure the city elected officials to ensure the cops do their jobs in the way the city wants it done.
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  6. mightymoose

    mightymoose Moderator

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    Like it or not, the BLM movement has come to be associated with riots, looting, arson, and other lawlessness.
    It only takes a few people to ruin it for the rest. Those who wish to peacefully protest should probably not associate with that group.
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