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Quickest way to get rid of someone not on the lease Roomate

Discussion in 'Roomate & Joint Leases' started by sunrise1119, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. sunrise1119

    sunrise1119 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I let this guy move in with me a little over a year ago. For most of that time he was unemployed. As of 5/15 he has found a good job and purchased a car. I am renting my house and he isn't on the lease. The landlord does know he is here. He hasn't held up his part of our verbal agreement to pay $400 a month. He paid $400 in July and $200 in August. He said he only paid $200 because he was hardly here and was staying somewhere else. We have since had arguments via text and cell about him not paying the rest of the money for August. He told me on Wednesday 8/26/15 that he was moving out this weekend. I haven't seen him since Tuesday 8/25/15. I sent him a text today Sunday 8/30/15 asking when he was coming for his stuff. He replied that he had 30 days to move out. Can I get my landlord involved to have him removed immediately or does he get 30 days? If he does get 30 days, what can I do to make sure that he does leave in 30 days?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    There is no quick way, just the legal way.

    Some people offer to pay these deadbeats $300, $500, or even a $1,000 to entice them to leave quickly.
    Don't pay the deadbeat until he or she is gone, and all of their junk has bene removed, and they've signed an agreement to leave, accepted money in lieu of being sued, and handed you back your keys.

    If you choose that route, IMMEDIATELY change the locks.

    Never ever allow anyone to stay overnight at your home.

    Many bums survive by mooching off of weaker prey!

    You have to follow the eviction law in GA and use the court system to get this donkey outta your barn.
    Read these links, and Google "Eviction YOUR COUNTY, GA" for exactly how its done in your county. Be advised, evictions can take 6 to 12 weeks depending on how populous your county is:

    Georgia Eviction Law Help and Legal Aid

    The Easy Georgia Eviction Process: More Favorable Notice Requirements

    Eviction Notices for Nonpayment of Rent in Georgia | Nolo.com

    Georgia Eviction Law Help and Legal Aid
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