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Question on suing a college

Discussion in 'Student Loans' started by MiPo, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. MiPo

    MiPo Law Topic Starter Guest

    New York
    Do I have any recourse with my daughters college. She was supposed to graduate, but in her freshman year (actually at orientation) we spoke with an advisor about the fact that when she applied to school the major she wanted was full. She wanted to switch. She was told to do the first semester and then try to switch. She did so and when she asked to switch they stated again she couldn't and would have to wait but advised her to take the courses for the major she wanted. THey did this the whole first year. When the second year came, they said her GPA was low and she had to bring it up closer to a 2.5. She tried and got close but they said No. Still advising her to take courses towards the major she wanted not the one she is listed under. So here we are graduation and she cant graduate because she doesn't have enough courses for her ACTUAL major. She has enough for the one they told her to take classes for. I reached out to the President of the university and she sent my daughter to a colleague for assistance. He told her to get her GPA up again any way she could and he would see, but now we have to pay for at least another semester. From what I am seeing they are doing this with a lot of students and it feels very fraudulent. Can anything be done?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    If there was something that had been been done which was actionable under the civil law, you lack standing to bring such an action.

    If such a cause of action existed, your adult daughter would be the party alleging to have been damaged.

    Again, she hasn't been damaged by anything the educational institution has done.
    She failed to achieve the grades necessary to allow her to matriculate and graduate from the institution.
    She isn't mandated to pay for another semester, unless of course, she wishes to graduate.
    Your daughter's failure caused her predicament.
    She must remediate her GPA by retaking courses, or taking additional course, and she will graduate.
    The choice remains hers.
    God bless you for assisting her as she begins her remediation.
  3. Betty3

    Betty3 Super Moderator

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    I have to agree with army judge.

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